Our Solutions


The Google® Marketing Platform give you the highest impact to manage your campagins. We are certified DV360 - BidOperation Partner and use the best datasignals from millions of websites to optimize your online campaign.



The Google® Marketing Platform give you the highest impact to manage your digital campagins. We are certified CM - AdOperation Partner and solve many issues on the digital market since the last 18 years.


Digital Promotions

We promote your website, product, service or software in a new and distinct way. Our realtime soltuion bundle the content of your Social Media Profiles an generate up to 33 additional realtime marketing website that points to your website.


nTLD Consulting

Save your trademark. Right now! It´s very easy to rent or get domains. Everyone also your competitor can register, block or use new top level domains (nTLD). We recommend you the right nTLD´s, before others sell it for a horrible price.

  • Google® Display&Video 360

    Get the best perfomance on your 1st and 3rd Party Data. Create incredible audience list and find similar inventory based on your 1st party data.

  • Google® Campaign Manager

    Get the best perfomance on your digital campaigns. More then 20 year knowledge on digital campain management and thousend of booked campaigns.

  • Google® Studio

    Building data-driven creative strategies allows marketers to reach audiences with personalized, relevant messages. Learn the 5 steps to doing this successfully.

Learn Google® Marketing Platform Skills you can't get in the classroom

Webbased seminars give us the grand to solve troubles direct, during the hangout session.

What We Offer

Feel promoted and give others the opportunity to promote their informations in your own channel.


33 incredible microsites

with up to 33 DigiProm® Cards, up to 33 direct links to your website and the opportunity to be part of the digiprom.network

333 domain & websitepromotion

with more than 333 DigiProm® Cards that present your digital univers twice on the web and guaranteed to afford realtime domain promotion.

98.7% more relevance on your nTLD´s

Save your trademark and use the DigirProm® Solution to gives other company the opportunity to promote their products or services.